Tax & Accounting

Your business is unique and we understand that there’s no one size fit all. Give us a call or email to book a complimentary initial consultation and we would be able to provide you with a fee quotation that fits your small business needs. Our fees are always fixed rate. This means there’s no surprises and no extra invoices. When we provide a fixed fee quote we stick to this quote. When you call us for advice or email us a question there will be no additional invoice for our time. We’re here to serve our clients in an obligation and hassle free environment.

We’ve dealt with a wide variety of businesses like yours and we have the expertise to address your specific accounting and tax needs. Below you can explore the various areas of our experience that may fit with your specific accounting need. Whether you be in Victoria or Calgary our practice will be able to assist you.

The above consultations pertaining to specific needs and scenarios are often had on a complimentary basis. As we said from the start your fee is a fixed quote.  Call or email us today or leave us a message with the form on the right

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