Corporate Client Uploads

It's that time of the year to prepare for your corporate year end and tax return. You'll need your Engagement ID which was at the bottom of the electronic engagement letter you signed. The ID is case sensitive must be all lower case. You can come back anytime to reuse this page as long as you have your Engagement ID.  You can send your ID to your bookkeeper or other team members and they can also upload data to us as well. Here are some items we'll need from you:

  • General Ledger - This could be your QB backup file (do not send accountants copies), Sage50 backup or if you use a spreadsheet then that would be fine too.
  • Bank & Credit Card statements - At a minimum we need the last statements of each account you have transaction. If we also do the bookkeeping for you then we'll need all 12 months.
  • Asset purchases & sales - Things like vehicles, equipment, property, we'll need a copy of the purchase agreement and/or invoice.
  • Correspondences from CRA - Notice of assessments, last PD7A payroll statement, GST letters, any other letters through out the year from CRA.
  • Expenses you paid out of pocket and not included in your General Ledger
  • Changes in your business - if there are any significant changes or something you want us to know about, then write us an email instead.



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