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About the Author: Wilson Wong & Associates, are Chartered Accountants in Calgary providing tax and accounting services to small and medium sized businesses and high networth individuals.


You've done exceptionally well and have built up quite a bit of cash in your corporation. You don't want to take the money out because you don't want to be taxed at high personal tax rates.

Did you know that you could invest the funds in your corporation? You could invest in real estate, stocks, bonds, GIC's, mutual funds just the same as you would be able to hold personal investments. The difference being the investment is owned by the corporation. This way you don't take a personal tax hit and utilize your corporate money effectively.

There's more to this though. There are complexities to effectively planning personal and corporate tax when you add investments to the mix. Each type of investment is taxed differently and sometimes there are opportunities for tax free money going to the shareholder as well. Not easy stuff but great rewards. Give us a call to talk about how to hold investments in your corporation.

-Wilson Wong, CA


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