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Unintended Financial Market Consequences from Liberal’s Tax Proposal

  Dear Finance Minister Morneau, The general discussion thus far has been the impact on small businesses and retired professionals with corporate funds. In an effort to change many of my clients’ tax planning on how to deal with these proposed changes I had encountered what I believe to be an unintended consequence that will […]

Proposed Liberal Tax Changes: Anticipated Results & Strategies for Small Business

To start with, I’ve read through the monster of a discussion paper that the Finance Minister had issued earlier this summer. I’ve also been keeping up to date on what other professionals have been saying about this topic. It has taken me a couple months to write this post because I’ve been too busy working […]

Married Couples tax consideration

Getting married is a really big event in life. Strangely enough it has big impacts on your taxes. Even if you’re not married and you’re in a common law relationship this article will affect you. In Canada all individuals file separate tax returns, but if you’re married there are effects on both of your individual […]